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Pan-Tilt-Zoom Cameras

DCS Supply understands you want to make sure that every inch of your property is monitored at all times. Optical zoom security cameras are the ideal type of equipment to get this job done. Pan-Tilt-Zoom cameras from DCS Supply keep you connected to even the smallest corners of your home or business. Some PTZ cameras from DCS Supply include:
- Weatherproof 23X Zoom PTZ Cameras with alarm and RS485
- Weatherproof 960TVL CVI PTZ Mini-Dome Cameras
- Weatherproof 3MP 23X Optical Zoom IP PTZ Cameras with Long-Distance IR
What is a PTZ Camera?
Pan-Tilt-Zoom cameras are commonly called PTZ cameras. PTZ cameras are mechanically controlled to monitor all areas of your property. The technology works by allowing the user to pan the camera from side to side, tilt the camera up and down, and zoom in on any image they wish to capture. Some PTZ cameras are controlled by a joystick, while others are controlled by a set series of movements.
These optical zoom security cameras are often used in large areas such as warehouses and large retail stores. Often placed at entry and exit point and up and down aisles, PTZ cameras are efficient at keeping every part of your large property secured.
Why Choose a PTZ Camera from DCS Supply?
PTZ cameras are often regarded as being the most highly efficient camera in the security world. They can be used for a variety of purposes and rotate 360° so your property is constantly monitored from every angle. Many systems can even be controlled by a remote control.
Most PTZ cameras have alarm inputs that alert you to broken glass, motion detection, and door contacts. They are housed in a dark circular dome and are typically placed in high locations, making vandalism to the camera system extremely difficult.
Why Choose DCS Supply for Your Security Needs?
DCS Supply is a world leader in providing homes and businesses with high-tech surveillance and security, including optical zoom security cameras. Equipment from brands such as GESS Technologies, Honeywell, and Dahua give you the certainty that your property is safe. Each piece of equipment is guaranteed to deter theft or capture the images you need to identify and apprehend vandals or thieves.
Shop DCS Supply now to see how simple amazing security is!